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We are the leading Strainer Manufacturer in India and provide the broad range of the strainers like Basket T Type Strainer, Bucket Type Strainer, T type strainer, Y type strainer, Bag Type strainer, Conical type strainer, etc. The Process Equipment Corporation has an experience of more than three decades.

Presently, our production unit is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and well developed area, easily accessible by the different national and international cities. The best quality Industrial Strainers in India is provided by Us. The company uses only premium quality for manufacturing them which ultimately them provides, them the superior quality and besides this they are designed as per the international quality standards which also promotes their global usage.

Type of strainer manufacturers in India:-

Industrial Strainers and Filter Manufacturer

Bag Type Stainless Steel Filter

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Industrial strainers Manufacturer

Industrial Strainer Manufacturer

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Industrial Strainer Manufacturers in Mumbai

Basket Type Strainer

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y type strainer manufacturers in Ahmedabad

T Type Strainer

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Strainer Elements:-

stainless steel strainer basket industrial

Indusrtrial Stainless Steel Bucket Filter

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bucket filter manufacturer in India

SS Perforated Mesh Bucket Basket Strainer Filter

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Industrial strainers Canada

Temporary Strainers

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Industrial strainers Canada

Cylindrical Type Strainer

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Our Vision:-

The main vision of our company is too identified as the global manufacturer and suppliers of the industrial Strainer.

Our Mission:-

Our customers are at the top of our priority and the main mission of the company is to provide the best solution related to industrial strainers and its elements in exclusive price on the basis of customer demand.

Our Technology:-

The entire range provided by us designed as per the latest standards and modern technology in expert supervision which promotes their global usage too.

Our Quality:-

We are known for providing the premium quality industrial strainer as they are manufactured only by using the premium quality raw materials and after passing the quality assurance testing they are supplied and exported to the clientele.

Our Team:-

The team owned by our company is highly expertise in their work. We have separate teams that look after the different task which involved in the production process. Each member is responsible toward their work and plays a great role in providing the best strainers products to the customers.

Our Infrastructure:-

We have a well developed manufacturing unit with all the basic and modern facilities which facilitates the faster production process no matter in how much bulk amount the order is we can easily manufacturer in an allotted time period. Besides, these we have all modern technology machinery that provides the final product of superior quality.

Our Merchandise:-

We are the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Industrial Strainers in India and provide a wider range of these products and their accessories.

The entire range of the industrial strainers and its elements is designed as per the latest standards and we make best quality raw materials so that final product quality is also the superior one. Before supplying them, these industrial strainers have to pass our quality testing. We have an experience of more than 35 years in manufacturing and supplying these strainers and have satisfied clientele which is the top most priority of our organisation.

  • Basket Type Strainer
  • Bucket Type Strainer
  • T Type Strainer
  • Y Type Strainer
  • Duplex Strainer
  • Bag Type Strainer
  • Conical Type Strainer
  • Cylindrical Type Strainer
  • Temporary Strainer
Industrial Basket Strainer Manufacturer

Industrial Basket Strainer

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bag filter basket strainer manufacturer

bag filter basket strainer

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y type strainer manufacturers in India

Y type strainer

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The features of the Industrial Strainer provided by our company are stated below:

  • Superior quality
  • Wider range availability
  • The entire range as per latest standard
  • Longer shelf life
  • Made using non corrosive materials
  • Can withstand tough condition
  • Filter and separate unwanted particles and element
  • Easy customization
  • Available at exclusive prices
  • Require less maintenance
  • Easy customization

Our Services:-

We are the leading Industrial Strainers manufacturer, suppliers and exporter in India. And, presently we are situated in Ahmedabad, one most well developed cities of Gujarat. The manufacturing unit of the Process Equipment Corporation has also the latest technology machineries and accessories that promote the production of the premium quality Industrial Strainers which are available in different shapes and sizes which can be easily chosen accordingly.

The team, which own is highly expertise in their work and different teams have dissociated responsibility which promotes the faster and great quality of the entire range provided by our company. The industrial strainers manufacturer provided by us are designed such that they can be easily used in tough condition, high pressure, high temperature, dry powder and abrasive slurry are easily handled by them.

We are known for providing the best quality industrial strainer and its accessories which are available in a very wide range and are highly demanded in national and international market. The Process Equipment Corporation has an experience of more than 35 years in this field and we have so satisfied clientele from Atul Products, Starlite Copper, Reliance Industries Ltd, Essar Power group, NTPC, Chambal Power, IOCL,IPCL, HPCL-Mittal Pipe Line, etc.

The entire strainers range provided by us is known for their quality in national and international market. After passing the strictest quality assurance testing they are supplied and exported worldwide.

Benefits of Our Service:-

The stated below are the benefits of our services provided by us:-

  • Premium quality strainers is manufactured by us
  • We provide a wider range of the entire range
  • Our company mainly focus on the product quality
  • We are highly expertise at our work
  • Highly professional and expertise team
  • Timely delivery before allotted date
  • Great R&D team which work constantly in innovating and emphasise the quality of the product
  • Available at exclusive prices
  • The entire range is as per international standard which promotes their usage nationally and internationally
  • Our company use best quality raw materials and modern technology for production of our entire range
  • Easy customization facility is provided


Strainer India provided by the Process Equipment Corporation is used globally for different application and are mostly used by the sectors like:

  • Power Plant
  • Oil Refinery
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Mining and Mineral Plants
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Power Plant
  • Steel Industry
  • Food Processing Industry

If have any requirement or any query related to the industrial strainers and its accessories, then kindly approach us, call or inquire us for more details. We are the one stop solution for all the types of Industrial Strainers and their spares. And, successfully served many national and international customer, which are greatly satisfied and happy with the quality of service and products we have provided them.

The Process Equipment Corporation is the leading Industrial Strainer suppliers and exporters in India.

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