A Y-Type Strainer is designed to remove foreign matter from pipelines and even protect metres, pumps, valves, and other related equipment, which is certainly called a strainer. Y Type strainers get their name from their shape, and they're commonly used for filtration and fine mesh. For water, air, gas, and petroleum products; steam and other liquid formats, the Y Type Strainer improves medium clearance. This can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position, which further allows the strainer to collect material even at the lowest point of the screen. It also comes with a blow-off connection for automatic cleaning.

Y Type Strainer

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In the Y-type strainer, the filtration leg is attached to the main pipeline at an angle, the shape of which is like a "Y" and is called a "Y" strainer. Due to the need for more frequent cleaning, Y-type strainers have a lower dirt-holding capacity. Except where high levels of rust are present or where large amounts of debris can be added shortly after commissioning, this is usually not an issue with steam systems.

Features & Benefits of Y Type Strainer

  • Y-Strainers can be installed in both horizontal and vertical orientations, which makes the installation more versatile and easier.
  • Because the Y-Strainer is small, it is less expensive.
  • Y-Strainers are more pressure-resistant than other strainers.

Applications of Y Type Strainer

The industries in which y strainers are best used are those in need of continuous protection against debris. Strainers are most commonly used in steam applications. The Y-Type strainer has no trouble handling the high pressure applied to steam because of its design.

Y strainers are also used for liquid applications. Sand and gravel are two very common types of debris that can make liquid applications difficult. Strainers are used to secure devices that could be affected or clogged by various unwanted particles when used in conjunction with water handling applications. Its cylindrical, lightweight shape is very effective and can withstand high pressures.

Y-Strainers are also used in applications including air and natural gas in addition to steam. High pressures are to be expected. High air pressure, on the other hand, does not always imply high temperatures, and ordinary carbon steel bodies with sufficient wall thickness can be used.

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