We are the leading Industrial Strainers Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. These strainers are basically designed for the industrial purposes and used for the filtration of the fluids and gases.

Our company have an experience of more than three decades in this field and we provide a wider range of strainers that are manufactured using premium quality raw materials like Monel, Haste Alloy, Nickel, MS, AISI 304,304L, 316, 316L, etc. and this can be chosen as per the requirement for they will used for. The entire range is available in different size variation which customer can choose accordingly beside we also provide the facility of customization where they can be easily designed as per the clientele requirements.

Our Industrial Strainer Range

  • Basket Type Strainer
  • Bucket Type Strainer
  • T Type Strainer
  • Y Type Strainer
  • Duplex Strainer
  • Bag Type Strainer
  • Conical Type Strainer
  • Cylindrical Type Strainer
  • Temporary Strainer

They are available in different shapes, size and materials must be chosen accordingly. They are highly used in different industrial sector like refineries, chemical industry, pharmaceutical company, food industry, etc. and many more where the fluids or gases are filtered in order to remove the contaminant that arrives at them as a result of a process, transportation, environment, etc. All the types of impurities can be easily eliminated by using the strainers provided by our company and they further prevent the deterioration of the machineries and its parts like seal valves, pumps, coolers, carburettors, burner, heat exchanger, chilling plants, etc.

Features of Industrial Strainers

The features of the industrial strainers provided by our company are stated below:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Filter in small amount of time
  • Premium quality
  • High net flow area
  • Mesh size available from coarse to fine micron
  • Have ANSI Class 150 to 300#
  • Design standard of ANSI B 16.5
  • Testing standard of API 598
  • Available in size of 50 t0 300 mm NB
  • They are available in flange end, socket weld end, screwed end, butt welt end
  • Mainly used for filtration of fluids, water, gas, steam, air, etc.

The entire of industrial strainer are known for their quality in the market and after passing the stricter quality testing they are supplied and exported worldwide. We have served more than thousands of customer in this past three decades and they are from medium to large scale industries. We believe in providing the premium quality strainers at exclusive prices and provide the best before and after sale service.

Our company is the leading Industrial Strainer exporter in India and also the leading Industrial Strainer suppliers in Gujarat, Maharashtra, UP, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, etc. and the major cities of Gujarat and their nearby region.

If you have any requirement related to any variants of industrial strainers feel free to approach us, we have 24x7 customer care support for our national and international clientele. Call or inquire us for more details.

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