A basket strainer in officially defined as: “A closed vessel with cleanable screen element designed to remove and retain foreign particles down to 0.001-inch diameter from various flowing fluids“

A basket strainer/bucket strainer consists of a removable mesh that can easily be removed from the top. Basket strainers are mainly used to catch suspended solids and particles that are too large for most filter media to capture from chemical industry in the horizontal pipelines. When cleaning a system, basket strainers cause a temporary disruption. These foreign particles are then removed from the strainer and will not make their way into downstream equipment like pumps, valves, and pitfalls. They remove material which is not wanted in the fluid and this can sometimes be a valuable product which may be saved. They're frequently used in liquid-handling applications.

Basket Strainer Manufacturer and Supplier

As we are leading basket strainer manufacturer, supplier and exporter so depending on the application specification, we deliver basket strainer components in single cylinder, double cylinder, multi-cylinder, or pleated styles. Filter housing, perforated cage-supported filter element, positive sealing arrangement to prevent bypass, and end link options are all included.

Basket strainers are no longer just a simple cast body with a wire mesh filtering element; they've evolved into a technically advanced piece of equipment capable of handling some of the most critical liquids in a demanding system environment and it is also known as bucket type strainer. Choosing the correct Basket strainer for the job saves money not only by protecting downstream equipment, but also by lowering the machine's operation and maintenance costs.

Features & Benefits of Basket Strainer

People aren't always aware of how critical strainers and filters are for businesses. Strainers are used to remove larger unwanted particles from a pipeline or stream of industrial components, such as sand, dirt, organic material, and chemical lesions, while filters are used to remove smaller solids or even chemical components that are not visible.

In situations where fast flow and high pressure are important, the basket type strainer is the perfect industrial strainer. This makes it simple to replace, clean, and repair them. Basket strainers with two layers, known as duplex strainers, are also commonly used in many industries. These are very useful because they allow the operation to continue while the strainer is being washed or serviced, eliminating the need to interrupt the strainers' output. This makes it very practical and simple to use.

These industrial strainer elements are available in different size which can be chosen as per requirement. They are manufactured using the different materials like Monel, Haste Alloy, Nickel, MS, AISI 304,304L, 316, 316L, etc. which can be chosen as per your requirement. The entire range after passing the stricter quality testing are supplied and exported worldwide.

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Applications of Basket Strainer

Basket strainers are very important in petrochemical operations because they can strain undesired solid particles from fuel lines and distribution pipes, and filters are usually employed farther down the feed line to purify the material even further.
The pharmaceutical industry also uses industrial basket strainers in all of its operations. Both prescription medications are intended to make people feel better. This ensures that throughout the manufacturing process, the goods must meet the highest sanitary standards. During the manufacturing process, a sanitary basket strainer would ensure that the goods are fit for human consumption.

Another sector that is highly based on the basket strainer concerns the manufacture of paint. It's critical that the finished product be free of any unwanted solids and that the paint be smooth and easy to apply. Filtration systems are frequently used in some situations to ensure that the final product is consistent and free of lumps or particles that could affect the paint's application and quality after application.

Many other applications exist for which basket strainers, bucket strainers, and duplex strainers are utilised for filtration purposes, such as the power industry, environmental industry, food industry, and chemical industry, etc.

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