A T-type strainer is also known as a bathtub strainer. They are used as fixed strainers in large bore lines of 2 inches and above. The pipe network on which they are mounted can be flanged or welded to them.

Tee strainers are custom-built compound strainers used to remove foreign contaminants from pipelines. For high nominal bore straining specifications, T Style Strainers are a low-cost option. They can be installed in vertical or horizontal pipes, and right-angled installations are also possible.

T type strainers are most typically equipped with a variety of graded filtration standards to ensure that the equipment performs at the appropriate level of cleanliness when fully loaded. For easy access, tee strainers come with either a screwed or a quick-opening cover.

A T type strainer is specially made with pipes and plates or standard identical tees and flanges. Filter components are made of perforated stainless steel sheet metal or wire mesh supported by perforated sheet metal. T-type strainers are a low-cost option for filtering large nominal bores. This strainer is easy to install and requires little maintenance.

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T-type strainers may be mounted either in vertical or horizontal pipes. In the vertical position, the discharge would flow down into the basket. The branch link is located on the side for side access or, respectively, on the top for top access in the horizontal location. Because of the way the basket is placed within the T, fluid will flow through the runner bar system. T strainers are limited to coarse filtration.

The workings of a T-type strainer are the same as the other types of strainers, except the shape of its filter screen is like a bathtub. This strainer is used to filter out debris and other foreign particles from the liquid, mainly in pipelines. When the differential pressure between the strainer's inlet and outlet drops, the screen is easily accessible and can be cleaned.

Tee-type strainers are developed to remove particles from pipelines where a lightweight, compact, and accessible strainer is required to safeguard pumps, valves, and related equipment. Aside from the screen, the use of extremely fine micron mesh frequently indicates that the highest possible functionality criteria are met.

Features & Benefits of T Type Strainer

  • It has quick-opening type covers that make cleaning a breeze.
  • It has a simple venting port as well as differential pressure taps.
  • It has a more direct flow path, allowing for greater flow capacity.
  • The T type strainer is designed to transfer fluids at a faster rate.
  • These are ideal for large pipes that require quick strainer access.
  • While installed horizontally, the chamber cover can be opened without draining the process fluid. As a result, it can be used in potentially hazardous processes.

Applications of T Type Strainer

Because the element is accessible from the underside of the covering or body, Y-Type Strainers are not always practical in some applications. The element is accessible through the top of the housing or body with T-Type Strainers. This strainer is designed to be installed parallel to the pipeline axis, but it can also be used in offset and right-angled pipe configurations.

In addition to the standard catalogue collection of T-Type Strainers, fabricated strainers can be designed and produced to satisfy particular application specifications. When made of stainless steel or carbon steel, these strainers are built to withstand harsh industrial steam and gas applications.

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