The fluids handled by industries have lots of particles and impurities as a result of the contamination caused by the atmosphere, transportation or while handling them. These particles are of different size, shape, nature, etc. and can easily harm the equipments like seal valves, pumps, coolers, carburettors, burner, heat exchanger, chilling plants, etc. so, these strainer element helps in efficiently handling this impurities and remove them effectively.

We provide the elements like Temporary Strainer, Conical Type Strainer, Cylindrical Type Strainers, etc. The entire range provided by the Process Equipment Corporation is manufactured using the premium quality raw materials which impart these strainers the best quality. The best Industrial Strainers Elements in India is provided by our company at a user friendly price.

Features of Strainer Elements:

The features of the Strainer Elements provided by our company are stated below

  • Available in temporary, cylindrical and conical form
  • Available in a wider size range
  • Flow area as per requirement
  • Easy to maintain
  • Require less time for filtration
  • Low pressure drop
  • Easy customization available
  • Mesh size available from fine to coarse size

These Industrial Strainer elements are available in different size which can be chosen as per requirement. They are manufactured using the different materials like Monel, Haste Alloy, Nickel, MS, AISI 304,304L, 316, 316L, etc. which can be chosen as per your requirement. The entire range after passing the stricter quality testing are supplied and exported worldwide.

We are the leading Industrial Strainer Elements manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. If have any requirement related to any type of the Industrial Strainer Element feel free to approach us, call or inquire us for more details.

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